Addition to 10 – math crossword for kids [1]

On this page you can find another math crossword prepared for kids. This time it involves adding up to 10. It is the first crossword in the series prepared on the basis of simple three-part mathematical operations, two components of addition and its result, i.e. the sum.

All the mathematical operations that you will find in the crossword puzzle are arranged horizontally from left to right, or vertically, from top to bottom. In other types of math crosswords for kids you will find more complicated systems of equations. However, the kids are doing great with them as well.

In this crossword puzzle, children will find twenty mathematical operations to solve. To solve the entire exercise, the operations must be performed sequentially, step by step. In the exercise, I put only enough numbers to do all the operations.

You have two versions of the mathematical crossword for print. In the first pdf file you will find an exercise to do for kids, useful during remote learning. In the second file I have included both the crossword puzzle and the answers. A more practical file when you are printing an exercise for kids.

Math crossword with answers – adding to 10

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