Addition and subtraction to 20 – math crossword for kids

Today I am publishing another set of 30 math operations in the form of a crossword puzzle. All range of addition and subtraction up to 20.

Each activity is made up of only two components and a result. Which means that this mathematical crossword puzzle can be classified as a simpler one.

Large fields with 1 cm ruling make it easier for children who have recently been working on their writing skills.

I create these types of crosswords with worksheets for grade 1 or preschoolers in mind. That is why I use large fields with a space for a 1 cm grid ruling. These guides, the same as in standard squared notebooks, help with legible writing. They are especially helpful for children struggling with writing disorders. Even with dyslexia.

In the pdf file you will find a math crossword solution.

We invite you to combine.

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