Addition and subtraction to 20 – math crossword for kids

I am preparing a math crossword once again. We’re going to play addition and subtraction up to 20.

The exercise covers 30 math activities. Both with and without exceeding the decimal threshold. These math operations are simple, two-component.

I prepared this worksheet with the use of handwritten writing in 1 cm lines.

The scope of mathematical operations is small. It is only addition and subtraction up to 20. Therefore, the crossword puzzle is intended primarily for 1st grade students. However, younger and older children can also play.

In the squares of the crossword, I put auxiliary grid lines. It is a convenience especially for dyslexic children, who often need much more exercise to master the difficult art of legible writing.

In the pdf file you will find a math crossword solution.

I invite you to exercise.

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