Addition and subtraction to 10 – math crossword for kids

Another math crossword puzzle for kids with addition and subtraction within 10 is a bit more difficult. This time the activities are more extensive.

Most math operations still require only adding or subtracting two elements. However, some of them already contain several elements, requiring children to perform partial operations first.

Although this worksheet is more difficult, it is still intended mainly for children in grade 1. However, it can also be used by preschoolers or pupils of grade 2, practicing their ability to solve more complex mathematical activities.

Due to the target group of children, I used a large, 1 cm handwriting font here again. Grid guides will help children practice writing numbers. Especially for those kids who have to deal with dyslexia.

In the pdf file you will find a math crossword solution.

We invite you to play with counting.

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