Abstract heart in doodle style – coloring page for kids

A little before the upcoming Father’s Day, and partly out of the desire to draw something simple right away, this funny coloring page depicting a heart was created.

Sometimes I also want to sit for a while and scribble on the page, without thinking too much about what exactly will come out of it. Sometimes such sheets simply end up in the trash. But it also happens that a scribble is so successful that something complete can be created from it. This time, that’s exactly what happened. My scribbles turned into a coloring page that you can use as a Valentine’s Day card or a gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Or better yet, no occasion at all. It’s not only a way to spend creative time, but also a beautiful way to express your feelings.

Print this coloring page, take crayons, markers or paints and enjoy a moment of relaxation. Doodles are unique because everyone can add something from themselves, creating a truly personal gift. Let your imagination work without limits!

Remember that such small gestures often mean the most. You can give this card for a special occasion or just because you want to make someone happy. Because every moment is good to show love and gratitude.

Colorful greetings and have fun!

Greeting cards with hearts

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