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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Mystery on Roanoke Island

The Mystery on Roanoke Island
A Short Story by: L Tate

I am reporting live at the scene of where the Croatians and the settlers disappeared on Roanoke Island. Roanoke is in the outer banks of North Carolina. In 1584 Sir Walter Raleigh paid two English navigators (Philip Armada, and Arthur Barlowe) they found an island with which seemed to be fertile soil. When they went back the two navigators brought two Indians with them. They gave the land to queen Elizabeth. They named it Virginia because Queen Elizabeth is the virgin queen. The next year about 100 men set sail with Raleigh’s cousin Sir Richard Grenville.

The Indians on Roanoke greeted the men. They found a spot that they had chosen then started to build some houses and other buildings using bricks. Grenville returned to England to get some supplies. Ralph Lane was appointed governor and in charge.

The settlers where too late to plant crops and the English men had to depend on the Indians for food to survive on. The settlers kidnapped the Indians for information. Because the settlers kidnapped them they destroyed their fish traps. By the beginning of June the settlers were in a war with the American Indians. A few Indians died.

Grenville’s way back to the colony took longer than expected the settlers were hopeless. Sir Francis Drake had 23 ships. Drake offered a ship to Lane. Lane took the offer and planed to sail to England in about a month. After awhile the ship got blown out to sea in a horrible storm. After it blew away Lane decided to sail back with Drake immediately. In June all the colonists sailed to England. Grenville arrived back with three loaded ships. He searched for the men he left behind to claim the land for England. He found one slaughtered and another one murdered possibly by the Roanokes the English men formed a raiding party and attacked. After the attack the men found that the Roanokes fled and accidentally attacked the Croatians. It’s unknown whether they forgave them or not? In the 1590’s White sailed back. He found large trees that looked like a fort he saw the word CRO and thought they sailed to the Croatians islands. White didn’t get to go to the Croatians Island because a storm hit and he was forced to sail to England. In 1709 John Lawson spent time exploring where the Croatians once where. He claimed to see white Indians. And some people found there was a severe drought in that time. They think it was probably the worst drought in 800 years!!!

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