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Sunday, February 10, 2008

A New Website for Authentic MLB Jerseys

Sometimes it is hard to find authentic sports jerseys - the same jerseys the pro ball players wear. I enjoy sports and have always wondered how the internet works. So, my dad took the time to help me out. I put the two ideas together and we put up our first website together. Football is my favorite sport, but since the season is over, except for the Pro Bowl, which is being played today; I decided to put up a baseball jersey site.

So, if you want to check it out, head on over to Authentic MLB Jerseys dot com.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Story of the Runaway Little Boy

BY: Smart Kid World
- An Original Story Written as Homework - Copyright 11/14/2007

I’m always getting annoyed by my sister not listening or crying because she doesn’t get her own way. But one day she pushed it too far. I think she thought the video game system was a piñata! My sister just started hitting it because I wouldn’t let her play, she shoved it off the desk that the system was sitting on and CRASH!!! It broke I tried turning it on and fixing it but she demolished it! Then I knew I had to do something. I was sick of it. I decided I was going to RUNAWAY!!! I would leave tomorrow and never return.

Later that night at about 11:25 while every one was asleep I started packing. I packed a couple snacks, a few blankets, and three pillows in my dad’s old suit case. I knew where I was going. I’d go to Kings Island in Ohio. I woke up at 5:45 I snuck out the back door of the house and opened the garage door. There was the dune buggy. I took it out of the garage and loaded it with all my supplies started it up and went to the bank without anybody knowing I was gone.

Once I got to the bank I went in and withdrew $62.00 bucks and got out and cruised to Ohio. On my way to Ohio it was getting dark and I was almost ran out of gas.
I got to the gas station and fill my tank up then I found the cheapest hotel I could find in my price range. It was called the super 8 motel. It cost $28 dollars a night, and gas cost $3.00 so I would have $31.00 left. So I stayed the night at the motel. In the morning I checked out of the motel and got ready to go to Cincinnati. I started the buggy and went on my way.

I finally saw the sign that I had crossed into Ohio and man was I glad I was almost there. After awhile of driving I saw Kings Island!!! When I got to the park entrance I bought my ticket and snuck my luggage in. I had to find a spot to hide so I was walked around and saw this news paper it said that a young 4 1\2 ft tall male child was missing with a picture of ME!!!!!!!!! I was worried something bad might happen.

Once I found the perfect place to stay (a house of mirrors) I went in and found a little spot where nobody could find me it was a good thing I had a good memory because the mirrors made it very tricky to remember where you were going or where you had been, but I did figure it out and made my way through the maze of mirrors.

When I got out of the house of mirrors I went around riding rides and having fun but I didn’t really feel good about leaving home. I knew that my family was upset and sad and that they were out looking for me, even my sister!

When it started to get dark and all the people started to leave the park, I began to get scarred. The cleaning crew and the security workers were shutting down all the lights and locking up and that’s when I realized, I was all alone, by myself and no one, especially my mom was not there to talk to me or hug me, say “good night” and tell me to brush my teeth.

What was I going to do? Should I tell someone the next day? Could I wait all night long? I kept hearing weird noises and I saw shadows moving, it made me nervous and I huddled down in my little cocoon that I had made out of blankets and began to pray, hoping my mom or dad would hear me and that maybe, just maybe God would forgive me and protect me through the night.

Finally, morning came and it couldn’t have come soon enough. The first person I saw come through the park entrance was a chubby, older man dressed in a police uniform. I think he saw me he walked over and looked around then he scratched his head he looked confused then he started talking into a walkie talkie.

By time it was night fall the park was covered with police officers. The officers started looking in the house of mirrors I ran back to my spot hoping nobody would find me. Then I saw a person’s reflection. I didn’t know what to do I just laid there on the floor then a tall skinny man walked over to where I was and saw me he said “I found him” inside his walkie talkie. He turned and said “come on lets go” and picked me up and took me out and put me in a police car. I was really scared of what my parents would do to me.

Once we got to the police station he took me out of the car and told me to sit down on this bench, so I did. After I had been sitting there for a while I saw my mom and dad come running at me and asked if I was OK. I said I was scarred and hungry. My parent also said never to run away again and hugged me. They told the police officer thank you and took me outside and told me to get in the car.
My parents said they talked to my sister about being kinder and more respectful to other people. They sounded relieved.

When we got home my mom and dad said to go to my room and that I’m grounded for a month!!! Then my mom came into my room and asked me if I learned my lesson I said yes and she left. Well, I learned my lesson to never runaway from home ever again no mater what the cause is and that is my RUNAWAY STORY.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Tree Classification Essay

I have to do a Tree Classification project. Next time I'll add some pictures of my projects. It turned out to be a really neat project. We over over 15 types of trees on our property.

I found fifteen different types of leaves to research and do a tree/leaf classification on. I choose four different traits to use to classify each leaf and then out of those four I was able to break them down even further into other categories.

The four traits I picked were; Tree type, shape, texture and arrangement. I felt like some of the traits were very easy to identify, like shape, but others like texture were harder to determine. It was very interesting looking at all the different varieties of leafs, especially when they belonged to the same tree family, like the maple for instance.

I choose four different maple trees. The first was a Japanese maple, then a silver maple, red maple and finally a crimson maple. The interesting thing about that is that some had very similar traits, but others were totally different and had nothing in common, yet they all were maple trees.

I enjoyed this project and hope others especially tree observers will find it as interesting as I did.
Traits (used to classify trees) I think all the traits were easily identified, but shape was the easiest and texture was the most difficult. I feel my classification system is very useful because it is simple and easy for the beginner tree observer to understand. The limits to this tree classification system are that it is solely based on one individual’s perception of the tree and the tree leaf and is only classified by those traits.

Tree Type
Maple Birch Oak Eastern Red Bud
Silver Apple Bradford pear Spruce
Japanese Norway
Red Blue
Cherry Pine
Weeping White
Black Austrian

Leaf shape
Needle like Rounded (traditional leaf shape) Irregular
White pine Birch Oak
Austrian pine Eastern Red Bud Red Maple
Blue spruce Bradford pear Crimson Maple
Norway spruce Apple Silver maple
Black Cherry Japanese maple
Weeping cherry


Short/small Medium Long/large
Birch Bradford pear Eastern Red Bud
Oak Red maple Silver maple
Apple Crimson maple Austrian pine
Black cherry Japanese maple
Weeping cherry White pine
Blue spruce
Norway spruce

Leaf texture
Smooth Rough
Japanese maple Norway spruce
Silver maple Blue spruce
Red Maple Austrian pine
Crimson maple White pine
Weeping cherry
Black Cherry
Bradford pear
Eastern Red Bud

Sharpe/pointed edges Dull/rounded edges
Norway spruce Eastern red bud
Blue spruce Bradford pear
Austrian pine Oak
White pine
Weeping cherry
Black cherry
Red maple
Crimson maple
Silver maple
Japanese maple

Leaf arrangement
Single leaf Multi Leaf
Weeping cherry Japanese maple
Black Cherry Birch
Apple Norway Spruce
Oak Blue spruce
Bradford pear Austrian pine
Eastern Red Bud White pine
Crimson maple
Red maple
Silver maple


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