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Friday, February 1, 2008

Tree Classification Essay

I have to do a Tree Classification project. Next time I'll add some pictures of my projects. It turned out to be a really neat project. We over over 15 types of trees on our property.

I found fifteen different types of leaves to research and do a tree/leaf classification on. I choose four different traits to use to classify each leaf and then out of those four I was able to break them down even further into other categories.

The four traits I picked were; Tree type, shape, texture and arrangement. I felt like some of the traits were very easy to identify, like shape, but others like texture were harder to determine. It was very interesting looking at all the different varieties of leafs, especially when they belonged to the same tree family, like the maple for instance.

I choose four different maple trees. The first was a Japanese maple, then a silver maple, red maple and finally a crimson maple. The interesting thing about that is that some had very similar traits, but others were totally different and had nothing in common, yet they all were maple trees.

I enjoyed this project and hope others especially tree observers will find it as interesting as I did.
Traits (used to classify trees) I think all the traits were easily identified, but shape was the easiest and texture was the most difficult. I feel my classification system is very useful because it is simple and easy for the beginner tree observer to understand. The limits to this tree classification system are that it is solely based on one individual’s perception of the tree and the tree leaf and is only classified by those traits.

Tree Type
Maple Birch Oak Eastern Red Bud
Silver Apple Bradford pear Spruce
Japanese Norway
Red Blue
Cherry Pine
Weeping White
Black Austrian

Leaf shape
Needle like Rounded (traditional leaf shape) Irregular
White pine Birch Oak
Austrian pine Eastern Red Bud Red Maple
Blue spruce Bradford pear Crimson Maple
Norway spruce Apple Silver maple
Black Cherry Japanese maple
Weeping cherry


Short/small Medium Long/large
Birch Bradford pear Eastern Red Bud
Oak Red maple Silver maple
Apple Crimson maple Austrian pine
Black cherry Japanese maple
Weeping cherry White pine
Blue spruce
Norway spruce

Leaf texture
Smooth Rough
Japanese maple Norway spruce
Silver maple Blue spruce
Red Maple Austrian pine
Crimson maple White pine
Weeping cherry
Black Cherry
Bradford pear
Eastern Red Bud

Sharpe/pointed edges Dull/rounded edges
Norway spruce Eastern red bud
Blue spruce Bradford pear
Austrian pine Oak
White pine
Weeping cherry
Black cherry
Red maple
Crimson maple
Silver maple
Japanese maple

Leaf arrangement
Single leaf Multi Leaf
Weeping cherry Japanese maple
Black Cherry Birch
Apple Norway Spruce
Oak Blue spruce
Bradford pear Austrian pine
Eastern Red Bud White pine
Crimson maple
Red maple
Silver maple


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